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Wish it had any of those effects on me. I’m persuaded to let mine “belly up” to the Catnip Bar. Going to buy a plant or two ASAP. ~~dru~~

Thank You Doc, this made my day (well evening) ~~dru~~

It Is What It Is


~~December 28, 2016~~ 


Unless anyone’s residence is under a rock (not for 365 days), we all know how rough this year has been.

As years come to an end, there’s usually the perennial hope that the new one will bring good tidings and better things than the one that just ended.

However, it’s my personal belief that, we are in for a rougher ride in 2017 and beyond.

I really hope that I’m proven so wrong.

These lost lives can’t be replaced.

They will live in history and in the memory of our generation.

Dignity and self-respect can’t be replaced either and it will be much harder to recover.




Andy Marlette, Cartoonist

He lives and works in Pensacola, FL

Born and raised by underpaid public school teachers in Sanford, Fla., Andy Marlette graduated from the University of Florida and became staff editorial cartoonist…

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I ACT very VERY well. ~~dru~~
Thank you for a GREAT POST, from wherever it came.

Out crawls Ann..

imageJust something to think about sometimes with everything we go through we forget about taking care of us.. we can’t expect anyone else to show us how to love ourselves..

Of course this from Pinterest..

Original Me..

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Wonderful and Funny Post; I really had a good time reading but in case no one else does….phuew on them… is the LINK AGAIN; go to it for a good year end treat. ~~ dru-oz~~ has spoken!

In Saner Thought

Games People Play…..

Recently I was surprised to see that one of my followers, w1nt3l, knew of Henry George and the land value tax……it is an economic theory that I think would solve a lot of problems…..but few know of his theory these days of runaway greed….

When you were a kid or maybe just yesterday…did you ever play Monopoly?  Did you get a monopoly game for Christmas?

Did you know that Henry George was the inspiration for the original Monopoly……..BAM!  Drop the history bomb!

This is a little something to explain the game and its origins…..

A brief history of America’s favorite board game……(you just knew there would be a historic perspective in there somewhere, right?)

Source: Monopoly’s Radical, Anticapitalist, Feminist Origins – by Andy Warner

Back in the 80’s I studied at the Henry George Institute…..and to this day I firmly believe that his land value tax would…

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This is probably not the point where I’m supposed to laugh…..but ohohoh….giggle! ~~dru~~

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

I had good intentions , but I wasted them on bad people.

~ Unknown

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And 2nd or is this the 3rd day of Hannakuh and 2nd day of Kwanzaa, or am I behind? I’m getting confused….dazed and confused but rather happy and that isn’t often for me
Love to ALL. ~~dru~~

~~a little early but if you enjoy and want to participate….you need time to stock up~~

see you in the next year!

I think I’ll stay home and have my “New Year’s Eve” Traditional Light Supper this year and by-pass all the potential hazards and the expense of going out on this festive eve.


Appetizer:  Sharp Cheddar Cheese Squares with Green Apple Slices and Crackers.  Also if it is to your taste and it certainly is to mine; I have some freshly roasted Chestnuts served as soon as you can stand to peel them.

(This takes care of your protein and your first helping of fruit, the crackers and chestnuts are your carbohydrates and starch, diabetics BEWARE carb overload)

Main Course:  Tomato Soup (the link to the recipe I’m going to use this year, will follow) and all the Bacon you can eat without throwing up.tomato-soup-with-oregano-and-basil

(I consider the tomato in the soup to be your second helping of fruit or first helping of veggies…you pick.  The bacon is just not good for you either but what the hey?  It TASTES GOOD and it’s New Years Eve After All….you can make a resolution after you throw up from too much of it) 

Vegetable:  I like greens so I just steam up a large amount of Swiss Chard or Spinach but Collards would go well too.

(This is your second helping of veggies)

Dessert:  Whatever you damn well please and as much as you want; again after all it is New Year’s you have a whole new year ahead of you to make up for this dinner.

Drinks per Course:  Beer or Hard Cider with the appetizers; Red Wine with the soup course; Champagne with dessert and thru to the New Year.  

Then after you throw up again from all the booze top off the last night of the year (now actually the first day of the New Year and possible the last night of your life) with a snifter or two of a GOOD Single Malt Scotch and some Very Dark Chocolate or a Cigar….again you choose.  I suggest Laphroaig lrgob-non8

Not only is this the last night of the year, by tomorrow you’ll wish it had been the last night of your life!