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I’m taking Jim’s suggestion about the meal fixin’s for the next three months and here is a recipe that I’m going to try first; albeit I may substitute a brisket instead of bison. Since I’m the only meat eater in the house (aside from the 20 odd catz AND I MEAN THAT IN BOTH SENSES OF THE WORD) , this should last me for days. ~~dru~~


Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


Late December and there’s the sense and the feeling in the air that the winter has definitely set in.  I know what’s in store for us.  Weeks and days of weather that chills to the bone.  It’s almost soup and stew season for me once New Year’s Day has past.  Then we settle in for a long three months but we will fill the air with the smell of homemade beef stew or potato soup.

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Just because I LIKE! ~~dru~~
This piece of music always makes me think of the human condition; fucked up, in flux, and always pandemonium but beautiful none the less.

Very good suggestions all around and great sources for fact checking. ~~dru~~


As many blogs have highlighted, 2016 has been the most interesting of years. My biggest concerns go beyond any electoral issues. They are the decrease in civil discourse and the increase in fake news and misinformation.

On the lack of civil discourse, we must start listening to each other and not just to respond. We need to listen to understand the other’s point of view. We need to decrease the decibel level and the use of name-calling and labeling.

The louder people are and the more shortcuts they use by labels show their argument is poor. I personally find labels to be a lazy form of argument to dismiss the other’s point of view. I have been called a tree hugger for this purpose, but I usually counter that I am also a capitalist to make that person think a little more.

On the fakes news and biased news sites, we must do a…

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Just the right touch to turn a somewhat bad day to a day of peace and joy. THANX again my BB. ~~dru~~


Feel & Space

For The Coming Year
I Do Not Feel Expansion,
i feel confined space



Really only a very small part of 2016 was good for me and most of that came about through my blog. I’m glad you’re back on track with your pain management Gunnar and I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year and a better 2017. ~~dru~~


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I wish I could say that it has been a good year 2016 for the world but it has been terrible! I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about. I really don’t want to write about it since it makes me feel so sad and depressed.

For me personally the first half of the year was good. The travel to Umbria in Italy was wonderful

The second half of the year was not so good. My doctor resigned and I was misfortune to get a new one who cut my medicine so drastically that I after 10 good years was back in the same pain. I have since changed doctor and as a result feel much better.


E ‘stato un anno molto negativo per il Mondo. Ad esempio, la guerra in Siria.

Privato, ho avuto entrambi gli eventi…

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I want a coffee mug too and remember 2016 is not quite over and 2017 DOES NOT BODE WELL. Thus spake druathrustra

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


It’s been a dumpster fire of a year for all of us.


No, I’m not selling them but it’s not my artwork neither.

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