I’m taking Jim’s suggestion about the meal fixin’s for the next three months and here is a recipe that I’m going to try first; albeit I may substitute a brisket instead of bison. Since I’m the only meat eater in the house (aside from the 20 odd catz AND I MEAN THAT IN BOTH SENSES OF THE WORD) , this should last me for days. ~~dru~~

OOPS FORGOT THE RECIPE LINK:  http://www.diabeticconnect.com/diabetic-recipes/general/6015-mexican-bison-stew

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


Late December and there’s the sense and the feeling in the air that the winter has definitely set in.  I know what’s in store for us.  Weeks and days of weather that chills to the bone.  It’s almost soup and stew season for me once New Year’s Day has past.  Then we settle in for a long three months but we will fill the air with the smell of homemade beef stew or potato soup.

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