I shall Cry Meg! ~~dru~~

Move the Chair

Although I was not expecting to sprint over the 366-finish line, I must admit I feel more like I am limping.

But here is the last and 366th/366th photo for 2016.

It is also the last post for Move the Chair.

This all started with a gentle suggestion and nudge from an art coach in 2012 to move beyond Facebook postings of my photographs and to start a blog showing my work. Since then over 1,000 posts have been added along with hundreds of photographs.

In the beginning, it was frightening. What if nobody came? Or worse what if nobody found anything worth looking at? But then I realized the amazing gift I had been given by that suggestion: a giant canvas on which I could throw anything and everything to see what worked–for me–and what did not. If others wanted to come along for the ride, then that was…

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