labelitlogoAs You might know this is a cause that is VERY near to my heart and it is getting my last $5 donation of the year 2016; give it a thought will you all?  ~~dru~~

Donate Today! 
Dear Dru,

We’ve only got a few hours left and we’re still $5,000 short of our budget for 2017.

It’s not much, but every dollar counts and we need to hit this goal if we’re going to keep up the fight for GMO labeling in 2017. Can I count on you to chip in $25 or more right now to help us reach our goal by midnight tonight?

Click here to make a donation to Just Label It and help us raise $5,000 by midnight tonight. Your donation will go toward protecting Americans’ right to know what they’re eating and funding our efforts to shape the nation’s GMO labeling standard.

You know you can count on Just Label It to fight for your right to know when corporate interests invade Washington and try to protect their profits over your rights. But we can’t win this fight without your support.

We accomplished so much in 2016 and have big plans for 2017. We’re ready to fight against Big Food and Big Ag to create a clear, consumer-friendly and comprehensive national GMO labeling standard. But this is difficult work and we’re fighting against Big Food and Ag’s deep pockets. We must to hit our 2017 budget goal if we’re going to stand a chance at creating a clear and consumer-friendly GMO labeling standard.

Please donate $25 or more today. We’re only $5,000 short of meeting our 2017 budget goal, but we must hit it by midnight tonight!

So before you head out to ring in the New Year, do something that will help make 2017 the year that we get finally create a clear, consumer-friendly national GMO labeling standard. Give to Just Label It, as much as you can, to help us reach our goal and continue fighting for your right to know.

Thanks for your support and have a happy New Year.


Gary Hirshberg
Chairman, Just Label It

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