I know I just posted this but since we are in the middle of fixing our late night supper and it appears it will be a HIT….I’m reblogging our menu and wishing you all a Happy and Safe Eve. ~~dru~~
ps: you don’t have to “like” again but you might just breeze thru it again just to imagine the wonderful tastse we wil be indulging it; we are are cheese, crackers, and apples right now and the aroma of bacon is wafting from the kitchen. Hope your supper is just as good!


~~a little early but if you enjoy and want to participate….you need time to stock up~~

see you in the next year!

I think I’ll stay home and have my “New Year’s Eve” Traditional Light Supper this year and by-pass all the potential hazards and the expense of going out on this festive eve.


Appetizer:  Sharp Cheddar Cheese Squares with Green Apple Slices and Crackers.  Also if it is to your taste and it certainly is to mine; I have some freshly roasted Chestnuts served as soon as you can stand to peel them.

(This takes care of your protein and your first helping of fruit, the crackers and chestnuts are your carbohydrates and starch, diabetics BEWARE carb overload)

Main Course:  Tomato Soup (the link to the recipe I’m going to use this year, will follow) and all the Bacon you can eat without throwing up.tomato-soup-with-oregano-and-basil

(I consider the…

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