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noun: Delay; procrastination; tardiness.
From Latin cunctari (to hesitate, delay). Earliest documented use: 1585.
“By postponement, we gain peace today. Have we anything to lose by it? Our capacity for cunctation is one of our most powerful and characteristic national weapons.”
John Maynard Keynes; The Essential Keynes; Penguin Classics; 2016.

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This week’s theme
Words that appear rude, but aren’t

This week’s words

Fabius Maximus, Cunctator

Fabius Maximus (c. 280-203 BCE), Roman general, who earned the nickname Cunctator from his guerrilla tactics in not engaging the enemy directly when outnumbered
Photo: Schurl50/Wikimedia

In Saner Thought

Closing Thought–16Jan17

I have been trying for a week to come up with a really good tribute to the man, Martin Luther king, Jr,……I went through a ream of paper taking notes and writing drafts and in all that time I could write the perfect Tribute to a man that means so much to so many….

As a veteran of the Vietnam War I was impressed with his speech against that war and the others to come……

One of the greatest speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr., “A Time to Break Silence,” was delivered at Riverside Church, New York City, on April 4, 1967. It is a statement against war in principle, in the same sense in which King’s “Letter from Birmingham City Jail,” published four years earlier, had been a statement against social injustice in principle. Yet like that extraordinary earlier appeal, “A Time to Break Silence”…

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I believe this to be the basin portion of a pair of wallpockets called Lavabos but I purchased it as a stand alone “Wall Planter”

If you’re interested go to my listing on eBay to see the description.  It is a lovely turquoise blue with brown flecks and if my outside walls were not made of plaster, I’d hang it on my patio as a bird feeder.  Please note that the first picture does not do the color justice  ~~dru~~


Here is Etsy Link for other Lavabos:

  • la·va·bo
    /ləˈväbō, ləˈvābō/

    1. (in the Roman Catholic Church) a towel or basin used for the ritual washing of the celebrant’s hands at the offertory of the Mass.

My favorite words are sarcastic and the phrase “Go to Hell”. I am not a happy person but can at times be funny. I laugh so I will not cry. Thank you for this truly amusing post.


yadadarcyyada Support. From family, friends, groups, or bras  – support is important. Why? We all have saggy moments, even the world. I admit to feeling shaken and stirred – too much time in the shallow end, let’s dive in deep, let’s talk about ‘s’ baby…

2. Salt, people have been using it for like 10,000 years, slightly longer than I’ve been alive. As a baby I had a saltlick in my crib. I wander the streets following salt trucks. I envy cats, dogs, and giraffes – they can freely lick humans for salt. I know it’s bad for me…my precious. I’m slowly desalting.

3. Selling. Everything seems to be for and/or on sale now. The new genius? Stephen Hawking selling cars.

4.Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One word review: Why? Just move on…

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Interesting. ~~dru~~

A Thomas Point of View

Today is founders’ day for my illustrious sorority. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. was founded January 16, 1920, on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C.


When Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. was founded, times were tough. The years just before and after 1920 were difficult for blacks. It was a time of racial hatred. Many whites joined the Ku Klux Klan organization. The Klan often terrorized blacks. Klan members sometimes burned fiery crosses in front of the houses of black families. And they sometimes beat and murdered blacks.


It was a time of migration from many blacks to the north from the south. But, all was not well in the north with lacks of homes and jobs. Changes in government with the Volstead Act (18th Amendment) and the adoption of the 19th amendment were occurring in a relatively volatile time. However, New York (Harlem) was exploding with the…

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An MLK idea? I”m not brown but I bet I taste ok. papa god does seem to be cool. ~~dru~~


Yesterday, when i came home from work, while i was at the door, my son asked me again.

son: mom, was i born brown?

i: why are you asking me this question again, we had this conversation already.

son: i know, i know..i was thinking because if you said apples come from apple tree and oranges come from orange come they change in color after a few days?

i: what do you mean they change in color?

son: like the red apples and banana on the table, after a few days it gets darker, or gets to be browner because it gets rotten…am i like that? am i getting darker each day like the fruits on the table

i: son, sometimes you get browner because of the sun, the more you expose yourself to the sun, the browner you get..but you are still brown in color…

son: oh! how…

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I fortunately agree, racism will not die when old bigots do kick off. There are always new bigots waiting in the wings. Like you said chuq; it is passed down and not inherited. It can be learned by prodigy of non-biased parents due to perceived circumstances. I’m sorry to say I have the tendencies too but I recognize them and fight all the time to remain neutral.

All life is hard and none of us are perfect. We can just keep trying. ~~dru~~

In Saner Thought

Today of all days is a good day to address racism and bigotry….(more along this line in another post)… we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr…..

Angry old white guys….my late father who died at age of 93 was a huge bigot.  He and I would argue at length whenever he opened his mouth…..and many of his “friends” that were part of the coffee clutch at a local mall were pretty much in line with his thinking….

When I saw the title of this piece I thought of my father and his constant bitching about those “people”……

Do people still believe the age-old notion that the next generation will deliver us from racism? Code Switch asked young and old(er). They rarely agreed on the answer.

Shelly Fields is a 46-year-old white woman living in Richton Park, a racially diverse Chicago suburb. She says she’s raised her four daughters…

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Another tribute and one that rally hits home. ~~dru~~

Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1484350252074.jpgHi everyone! In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., I’m including one of my favorite quotes of his. This year would’ve been his 88th birthday. I’m also including a short post I did last year below:  


Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday is always honored on the third Monday of January here in the U.S. Schools, banks and several businesses shut down for the day. During this time of year, I typically read about his life and legacy. Learning about historical events has always been one of my favorite things to do. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more movies or musicals that are based on his life. Today is a good day to learn something new or even help someone in need. To be honest, everyday is a good day! Any day is always a good day to teach children about loving and accepting themselves and others just the way they are. Being more tolerant of others is what the world needs more of. If only…

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He wasn’t perfect but then what man or woman is? He certainly was a man worth honoring. ~~dru~~