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National Partnership for Women & Families

Dear Dru,

Right now, a U.S. Senate committee is holding a hearing on the alarming nomination of Rep. Tom Price to serve as U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS).

Take just one look at his record, and you’ll quickly realize Price is not only unfit to fulfill the agency’s mission “to enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Americans” — he poses a direct threat to women’s health and rights.

Tell your senators to vote against Price’s confirmation »

Simply put, Price is the wrong choice for HHS secretary. #PriceIsWrong

He has consistently supported policies that would undermine the health and well-being of women and families.

His record says it all. Price has repeatedly voted to:

  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA),
  • Defund Planned Parenthood,
  • Deny low-income women coverage for abortion care,
  • Deny abortion coverage for women with private health insurance, and
  • Ban abortion care as early as 20 weeks.

In addition to these relentless attacks on women’s health, Price supports devastating changes to Medicaid and Medicare.

Women and families need and deserve better.

That’s why we must stand strong and fight back. Tell your senators to vote against Price’s confirmation »

Thanks for all that you do!

Debra Ness
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Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Modern Philosophers. If it’s any comfort, I’m sure President Trump will be responsible for far worse things over the course of his term.
No Sensei (used as a honorific only, as I am older) but NO it is of no comfort. ~~dru~~

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

What bands are playing at Trump's inauguration, Donald Trump, Trump's inauguration, entertainment, music, garage bands, humor, Modern PhilosopherJust when you thought things could not get any worse with President Elect Trump, Modern Philosophers, he had to go and drag your annoying neighbor into it.

You know the neighbor I mean.  The one with the band that practices in his garage every night.  Really late.

They play covers that sound nothing like the originals, but more like a couple of cats in heat going at it after partaking in far too much catnip.

You’ve secretly called the cops with noise complaints on this neighbor, and he pretends not to know while you politely ask him for info on the band’s upcoming gigs.

You have two dreams: that this neighbor will move very far away sometime soon, or that he will suddenly come to his senses, realize that he has absolutely no musical talent, and quit the band.

Or course, we both know there are other dreams that are…

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And just wait for things to come.

I found your post interesting and intriguing; We have bike lanes in my little burg and the larger but not large city adjacent but until I read your post, I’d not realized that it is predominantly upper class or business roadways that have the lanes. Sad thought really.

The neighboring city holds an international bike race each year, one segment of a much larger circuit. So that city has a lot of downtown lanes as the 3 day event always ends downtown. It closes traffic for downtown businesses but the foot traffic increases so most small businesses don’t really complain.

The larger rural area circuits, just litter ally close down major roads for the time period the bikers are “Coming Through”. All and all it is a great event and draws a lot of international tourists, so until your article; I never really thought of bikers as commuters and what all that involves. THANX for a great post donal. ~~dru~~



I’m a privileged Baltimore bicycle commuter.

I usually board the MTA light rail with my bike at Mt Washington station and get off at Convention Center station, then ride about a mile to Federal Hill. I can easily bike the entire ten miles into work – mostly downhill – but a few years ago a coworker left a note on my desk complaining that I was too sweaty. And in the winter it is awfully dark before 7 AM. So I ride in and bike home.

About two months ago, the train limped into North Avenue station, and they announced a delay. Sometimes delays are brief, but other times everyone has to get off and wait for another train. So I stepped off and biked a few blocks over to Maryland Avenue, which has always been a good route into the city. I was surprised to find a dedicated 2.6…

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