Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Modern Philosophers. If it’s any comfort, I’m sure President Trump will be responsible for far worse things over the course of his term.
No Sensei (used as a honorific only, as I am older) but NO it is of no comfort. ~~dru~~

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

What bands are playing at Trump's inauguration, Donald Trump, Trump's inauguration, entertainment, music, garage bands, humor, Modern PhilosopherJust when you thought things could not get any worse with President Elect Trump, Modern Philosophers, he had to go and drag your annoying neighbor into it.

You know the neighbor I mean.  The one with the band that practices in his garage every night.  Really late.

They play covers that sound nothing like the originals, but more like a couple of cats in heat going at it after partaking in far too much catnip.

You’ve secretly called the cops with noise complaints on this neighbor, and he pretends not to know while you politely ask him for info on the band’s upcoming gigs.

You have two dreams: that this neighbor will move very far away sometime soon, or that he will suddenly come to his senses, realize that he has absolutely no musical talent, and quit the band.

Or course, we both know there are other dreams that are…

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