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Dru –

Today, the resistance becomes real.

Our Revolution members, like me and my children, have flooded into the nation’s capital with hundreds of thousands of our allies for The Women’s March. Even more are marching in 600 places across the county.

We are here to stand up for the equality of our sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers. We are here to lift our voices for economic justice and racial justice. We are here to unite against hatred, discrimination, and xenophobia.

Today we remind ourselves we are the heart of the majority of voters who cast their ballots against this President and the super-majority of Americans who disapprove of his leadership.

In other words, now is the time to stand strong and push forward.

We must heed Bernie’s call to unite and stop cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare.

We must follow in the footsteps of Georgia Democrats who have built a strong grassroots party in the heart of the Deep South and launched Georgia Resists to fight suppression with mobilization.

From Southern California to Northern Texas, rural Iowa to suburban Maryland, inner-city Chicago to small town Vermont Our Revolution meetings are brimming with activists ready to win real victories in real time for all our families.

We are ready to keep winning the fight for a $15 minimum wage. We are ready to stop fracking from coast to coast. We are already building the movement that will end college debt. We can still end mass incarceration faster than most think is possible.

But winning victories requires building power.

In our democracy there are only two types: organized money and organized people. Now the people can beat money every time, but we must be organized.

Please encourage your friends to join Our Revolution by signing up at to become part of the millions who say #NotMeUs. As our board has decided, membership in Our Revolution will always be open.

Trump’s support is sinking. Our meetings are overflowing. Trump had his day yesterday. We will have ours tomorrow.

Let’s all pull together and get it done.

Yours for victory,


Ben Jealous
Board Member
Our Revolution




We are an undeniable force when, together, we stand strong for women.
For the story regarding the above photo, click link below:

National Partnership for Women & Families





I’ve been waiting over 2 months for my medical insurance  to refer me to a psychiatrist so that I can get my medication refills. (I quit the last one because I’m angry, don’t like the medication she put me on, and evidently “Don’t TeleMedicine” well and since my PCP told me she could refer me within my medical insurance program…I broke off all ties with this other behavioral center)

Well after a series of problems with getting an appointment through my medical insurance; I was told Thursday their Psych can’t per scribe for me because of my alcoholism and that I’m up shit creek regarding prescriptions renewals.  I only take two behavioral medications, all the rest are for medical conditions which I can get refilled, but I can’t get those two renewed, don’t have a referral to a Psych that will refill my scripts and TALK to me about my perception of their effects and was told to just go “cold turkey”.  The Psych from my medical insurance company told me it would only make me fill ill for a day or two and that eventually they will refer me to an “outside” Psych.

She they Psych I waited 2 months to see also called in the suicide team as I told her I was getting so fed up with this situation and my life in general that I was thinking more and more about it.  My last behavioral center, canceled  my weekly meetings for help with fighting depression because the new counselor that was coming in could better be utilized than to supervise these welly meetings.  That was the final straw and why I severed ties with them; that and because my PCP said she could arrange for a new Psychiatric to take over my medication supervision.

The intervention team determined I was not immediate threat to myself or others and gave me a lot of resource information for contacts regarding my alcohol dependence (AA isn’t working well for me; I’m an atheist and prefer talking with professionals that can give explanations instead of just being repeatedly told that I need to access my higher power and asking me to pray)  I’m not quitting AA, I just feel I need more.

However the team understood my fear and crying regarding the “cold turkey” routine and kept on at the doctor’s where I was at; to give me some sort of plan about what my medical insurance company would do for my behavioral problems which they felt I also had.

In fact one of the woman told the doctor that she realized I needed dependency help but actually felt I might be using alcohol to mask or relief my behavioral problems.  I felt they were on my side, particularly when the doctor left the room again and I thanked them for their help.  They told me they were sticking around until I stopped getting the run around from the Psychiatrist.  Finally, the doctor returned and said my PCP’s office (her office on certain days too but to work me in emergency since they had taken over 6 weeks to schedule me with a Psychologist not a Psychiatrist) any way that office would call me tomorrow with a referral and an appointment with an outsourced Psychiatrist who could prescribe for me even if I had a dependency problem.  However, for now it was “cold turkey”.

I felt I was getting the run around particularly since all of this could have been said over two months previously when I still had refills.  I waited all the next day, yesterday Friday.  NO CALLS.  Finally when I called them about 3pm, they said they couldn’t find a referral doctor for me and would get back to me on Monday.

They did call me back in less than 45 minutes after that and told me to go to a Crisis Center to get a month’s worth of meds AND NOT GO COLD TURKEY, no matter what and that the only Psychiatrist they could find who would help me was back at the Behavioral Center where I had been going before.  You know the one I quit and they subsequently “fired” me by mail.  Get to EAT CROW HERE but at least it is a referral.  Of course I had to do all the follow up calling but I guess that only makes sense.

Soooooo after many frantic calls on my own, I’m being evaluated for alcohol dependence and then referred to outpatient therapy on January 30th.  I’m going back to eat crow at me last Behavioral Center and then, after a new evaluation will be referred to one of their two doctors for medications.  Hopefully not the TeleMedicine one that I was fighting with.

As for now, I’m getting dressed and will make a kamikaze run to the Crisis Center I was finally told about at about 4pm yesterday to renew my meds so I won’t have to go cold turkey.

I am, therefore I cry.   Not in Dispair~~dru~~








Dear Friends,

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the Sundance Film Festival opening night premiere of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, in Park City, Utah. Ten years ago, the world needed a wake-up call to a problem that had been overlooked for far too long. Today, the evidence of the climate crisis is all around us.

The good news is that the solutions to the climate crisis exist. Clean energy technologies are growing, markets are reacting and rewarding these solutions, and world leaders are agreeing to act. We saw this last November when the historic Paris Agreement entered into force.

But with a new US president entering the White House, we face a tough question: Will we move fast enough to save our planet?

Because of your friendship, generosity, and dedication to The Climate Reality Project, we can continue to train thousands of grassroots activists about the climate crisis and work with them to make a difference in their communities with programs like the Climate Reality Leadership Corps – which is featured in the film.

We are at a crossroads. We will face great challenges in the months and years ahead. But we hope An Inconvenient Sequel brings the focus back on the work both regular citizens and global leaders need to do to end the climate crisis. We must get to work – quickly.

Stay tuned for more information on when An Inconvenient Sequel will be released nation-wide, and for more ways you can get involved with Climate Reality’s work.

With great hope and gratitude,

Ken Berlin
President and CEO
The Climate Reality Project

I just LOVE the Boyz AND Caturday! Now if someone would just buy me a new toy. Preferably the receipt to the two months of mortgage that are in arears, so I can’ bat that around on the floor. ~~dru~~


Andy and Dougy are bored with most of their toys. Meh! So I ordered a new one. Woo hoo! The boys love, love, love it!


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“If you can’t think high keep a high thought” -Aunt Dot

Sheldon, I want to use this on my quote page if I ever get it done. ~~dru~~

Sheldon Kleeman


My head was buried in my hands    as my head,I moan    how was it going to be     taking my hands away and looking up into her big brown eyes   she said “schome on”   it was her way of making the situation safer for me to process     because there was no other way but to move on    from where the fear was     to a safer place where there was none    Aunt Dot had a way of making it all seem right again    she said this was your cause and the only way this cause was to have any effect was to leave on a high note     so I got up from the chair and as I’m moving away from the table     she says if you can’t think high keep a high thought

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And Lest We Forget Our Other Furry Friends (Whatever They May Be?) Evidently his mother told him to brush twice a day. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums


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And Thank You to fatherkane for this Caturday edition of Cats Gone Bad. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums


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Just as I LOVE Caturday, I LOVE Simon’s Cat. Than you Bob for a good start to a good day. ~~dru~~