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“Though President Trump has repeatedly said he would force Mexico to pay for the wall, Edward Alden, a trade expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, told CNN Money that the tariff would end up costing Americans.

“The notion that a 20% tariff is a way of forcing Mexico to pay for the wall, it’s just a falsehood. It’s a way of forcing American consumers to pay for the wall,” Alden said.”

source:  A border tax could lead to ‘unexpected consequences’ — and retailers think Americans will pay

“…he gives me my check and mentions that there is a new 10% tax that will be added on to the bill at the cash register.”

Oh yeh, what’s that for?

Wall tax.”



It is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. -Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President (27 Oct 1858-1919)


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Crowd controversy:

The making of an Inauguration Day photo


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Nobody Speaks unless the Czar says so. This post brings out another deep sigh in me. ~~dru~~

Lucky Otters Haven

Sharing with permission. From an Environmental Protection Agency staffer.
“So I work at the EPA and yeah it’s as bad as you are hearing: The entire agency is under lockdown, the website, facebook, twitter, you name it is static and can’t be updated. All reports, findings, permits and studies are frozen and not to be released. No presentations or meetings with outside groups are to be scheduled.
Any Press contacting us are to be directed to the Press Office which is also silenced and will give no response.
All grants and contracts are frozen from the contractors working on Superfund sites to grad school students working on their thesis.
We are still doing our work, writing reports, doing cancer modeling for pesticides hoping that this is temporary and we will be able to serve the public soon. But many of us are worried about an ideologically-fueled purging…

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Saying “I’m so sorry” to the World, just doesn’t seem enough but here I sit just feeling ashamed. ~~dru~~

Implied Spaces


“It’s working out very nicely,” President Donald J. Trump said in a brief response to a question on Saturday afternoon. “You see it in the airports, you see it all over. It’s working out very nicely, and we are going to have a very, very strict ban, and we are going to have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years.”(Source BBC )

fearful excuses

“Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits.” Elmer J. Fudd ( wanted for tax evasion – link)

21th Century Machine - Mystery Map List


Photo Sources used in first composition:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Syrian Refugees – The Catholic Sun (Phoenix)

                     –     Los Angeles Times

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AMEN! ~~dru~~

Notes from the U.K.

I admire absurdity, especially political absurdity, but I’m finding it hard to laugh right now. As I write this (late Sunday, January 29), people with visas, and possibly with green cards—it’s not clear what’s happening right now, as opposed to what’s being said—with every legal right to enter the U.S. are being barred because they’re Muslims and from the wrong countries.

No, make that presumed Muslims, because I’m sure no one’s asking what they believe. I mean, c’mon, they might be terrorists, so why should anyone listen to them?

It echoes one of America’s moments of national shame, the World War II detention of Japanese-Americans, not because of anything they’d done, or even believed, but because their Japanese heritage meant they must be the enemy.

Is the current detention illegal? You bet your ass it is. It’s discrimination on the basis of religion. It’s refusing people who have a legal…

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We need to change the lyrics to

“We’re Just a Nation of Shits”

well the new Czar is anyway!  ~~dru~~

Chuck Todd grills Trump chief of staff over immigration executive order


Kellyanne Conway Brushes Off The Chaos At U.S. Airports As ‘A Small Price To Pay’ For Border Security








I guess I’m staying in the Glass Museum for the rest of Sunday Afternoon. Enjoy with me. ~~dru~~


©Graham Muir ©Graham Muir

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Breathtaking exhibit on my continuing Sunday Afternoon museum tour. ~~dru~~


dante Dante Marioni

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These are colors I just adore and I see a large outside rock and sculpture garden with unconnected walls that these pieces hang upon.

It is a beautiful contemplative place with benches and small water fountains, along with rusted wrought iron sculptures and cacti. Maybe some low music and a cat or two. Thank you elmedait for a wonderful Sunday afternoon rest between my museum hopping today. ~~dru~~

Implied Spaces




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