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Tó Neinilii (sometimes misspelled as Tonenili) is the rain god of the Navajo people of Arizona and New Mexico. A deity given to having fun and playing tricks, Tó Neinilii carries a water pot. In the tribal dances he is represented by a masked man who enacts the part of a clown. In the myths, too, he is the fool who dances about in order to show that he is pleased with what is happening.  Tó Neinilii was said to often argue with the Navajo god of gambling, Nohoilpe.

In times of drought or misfortune due to the weather, it was often said that:

Tó Neinilii had lost a bet with Nohoilpe.

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And so good night from mostly sunny southern California   ~~dru~~

On leaks/fake news: “The leaks are real, but the news is fake.”
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Same Song Different Day.

I did something yesterday that I am not proud of doing….I watch Trump’s latest “I am the greatest tour”…his 75 minute press conference.  This is my first and definitely my last Trump news conference unless something major is about to happen….I had never heard such egocentric babbling in a very long time.

Before I go…..let me give you a short synopsis of the time in Hell…..the lines that got the most chuckles out of me.  I did not listen for policy but rather the tone and the words…..I was not disappointed….just a list of the lines that I found laughable.

President Trump held forth with reporters at a lengthy news conference Thursday afternoon, defending his first weeks in office and again going after the media over “fake news.” A sampling, via the Washington Post, the Guardian, and the New York Times:

  • On his…

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As Always Bob, you make my Friday with this with the Friday Dance spot.

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I intend to make a major leap in my life on February 26, 2017.  Thanks to an article, excerpt posted below, which helped me with this idea but mostly to thank you to mama bear musings for helping me to come to a decision.  It has been in my mind for a long time but I am very ritualistic and need hooks on which to fasten my ideas and thoughts.

Again THANX  dmauldin53 for the inspiration.

The February 2017 New Moon Solar Eclipse will take place on February 26, 2017.  It will fall in the sign of Pisces (8° ♓15) and deliver a very important new beginningIt will showcase a wake-up call as well as the beginning of a new chapter.  Given the intensity of the combinations in play, some of us will be taking major leaps into some very courageous and tricky territory. A need to be fearless and wear a brave heart will be a necessity as we embark upon this new awakening.

With six points (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron & the South Node) all falling in the sign of Pisces, the sign of the fish will be highlighted to the fullest. Many of us are about to make some important new discoveries into what lives in the “depths of our oceans.”



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“Voters rejected the thimble as Hasbro tries to update the board game’s pieces for the next generation of players”