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A Trip Down Memory with Bette Noir. ~~dru~~



Bette Noir is a little black cat but she’s mean and she’s ornery and she fights like that.  I don’t suggest you lift her and you must ask her first to pat and I’m warning all you other cats you’d best remember that!

It appears that I’m having another Catz Crisis but this one doesn’t include Bette Noir….at least yet! 

Mostz ALL gotz a cold and a very bad cold at that.  I hate this time of year…reference:

“Song for The Great Cat Flu Epidemic of 2004”

I’m trying to give antibiotics in case there are secondary infections and everyone is eating…thank anyone you want…but I’m going crazy.

The antibiotic is in liquid form, so this is not a case of “How to give a pill to a Cat” BUT there are at least 6 of them with this respiratory thing and some of them won’t even let me near…

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How very reminiscent, Tatt (short for Alphonso Tattoo) just followed me into the bathroom and peed in the tub while I peed on the pot.  Bette Noir (despite name I truly loved my “little black beast”) anyway she used to do that all the time.  I called it our alone time but this is a first for Tatt.  I’ve noticed someone is peeing in the tub again but now I know who it is.

Better there where I can wash it down than on the floor I guess.

~~dru~~                                          nonono


Folk Art image by Warren Kimble


“i look back on my life
and it seems to me to be
just one damned kitten
after another”
Don Marquis, Archy and Mehitabel


this is the song of mehitabel
the song of mehitabel
of mehitabel the alley cat
the song of mehitabel
as i wrote you before boss
mehitabel is a believer
in the pythagorean
theory of the transmigration
of the soul and she claims
hat formerly her spirit
was incarnated in the body
of cleopatra
that was a long time ago
and one must not be
surprised if mehitabel
has forgotten some of her
more regal manners

i have my ups and downs
but wotthehell wotthehell
yesterday sceptres and crowns
fried oysters and velvet gowns
and today i herd with bums
but wotthehell wotthehell
i wake the world from sleep
as i caper and sing and leap
when i sing my wild free tune
wotthehell wotthehell
under the blear eyed moon
i am pelted with cast off shoon
but wotthehell wotthehell

do you think that i would change
my present freedom to range
for a castle or a moated grange
wotthehell wotthehell
cage me and i d go frantic
my life is so romantic
capricious and corybantic
and i m toujours gai toujours gai

i know that i am bound
for a journey down the sound
in the midst of a refuse mound
but wotthehell wotthehell
oh i should worry and fret
death and i will coquette
there s a dance in the old dame yet
toujours gai toujours gai

I once was an innocent kit
wotthehell wotthehell
with a ribbon my neck to fit
and bells tied onto it
o wotthehell wotthehell
but a maltese cat came by
with a come hither look in his eye
and a song that soared to the sky
and wotthehell wotthehell
and i followed adown the street
the pad of his rhythmical feet
o permit me again to repeat
wotthehell wotthehell

my youth i shall never forget
but there s nothing i really regret
wotthehell wotthehell
there s a dance in the old dame yet
toujours gai toujours gai

the things that i had not ought to
i do because i ve gotto
wotthehell wotthehell
and i end with my favorite motto
toujours gai toujours gai

boss sometimes i think
that our friend mehitabel
is a trifle too gay


“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”
― Voltaire

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