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The Killer Cat makes use of both media and music in its ever present attack on humans. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums


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A visit to my past ~~dru~~




I once had a cat named Simon, a very tall short haired grey and black striped and spotted male that adopted me when he was about nine months old.  He just showed up one evening while we were eating a Bar-B-Q’ed dinner on my portion of a big wrap-around-porch on the 100 year old Victorian home where I rented an apartment and he never left.  Partly that was because he had a propensity for getting hit by cars, a “skill” he demonstrated that evening and twice thereafter.  The 3rd time was the “charm.”      

He lived thru that night’s episode with one leg broken but fixable.  The 2nd time the same leg had to be pinned, he broke his pelvis and had a “tailectomy” but again lived.  As I said, the 3rd time was the charm.   

However to get to the 3rd time, he moved with me three times…

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I’ll have a table for four for me and my purse