There is no material with which human beings work which has so much potential energy as words.” -Earnest Calkins

Earnest Elmo Calkins (March 15, 1868 – October 4, 1964) was a deaf American advertising executive who pioneered the use of art in advertising, of fictional characters, the soft sell, and the idea of “consumer engineering”. He co-founded the influential Calkins and Holden advertising agency. His work was recognized with many awards during his lifetime and was called the “Dean of Advertising Men” and “arguably the single most important figure in early twentieth century graphic design.

Text source: Wikipedia         Earnest Elmo Calkins, born in Geneseo, Illinois on March 25, 1868

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“It is, to tell the truth, just such a Main Street as Sinclair Lewis describes with such delightful malevolence, but like that Main Street and all Main Streets, behind its commonplace facade life is as varied and colorful as any spot where human beings are gathered, however dull their outward shell may appear to the superficial observer.”
Earnest Elmo Calkins, THEY BROKE THE PRAIRIE