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I can’t say I believe the prediction but I will say that my personal opinions could not be expressed more precisely. Thank you Keith. ~~dru~~


During the movie and book “The Right Stuff” about astronauts and test pilots, when a pilot made a fatal error, it was often said “he screwed the pooch.” Unfortunately, the key word in the sentence is fatal. Although he won’t die from this, our President has just screwed the pooch with respect to his presidency. It will take several to many months for this to play out, but his presidency is toast. He will be impeached or resign.

Why do I say such a thing? Actually, I am borrowing from E.J.Dionne’s column noting the President has painted himself into a corner. After his furious internal  response to Jeff Sessions’ recusing himself from a Russian involvement investigation and after his childish attempts to show Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer meeting with Putin years ago on the record, he took it upon himself to send a series of tweets accusing the former…

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Remember LIFE causes DEATH. ~~dru~~
but we still need the EPA.

The Last Of The Millenniums


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Feminine bias

was unspoken at that time

now King for a Day?



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I laugh, I cry but in a good way. THANK YOU for this. ~~dru~~


Studies show that locking up dogs in kennels can literally make them crazy. Who wouldn’t be? Even us humans can go crazy when we are locked up in prison. A family in Norway understands the anxiety that Igor might feel. So the father of the family set up something at the Kennel for Igor before they leave for Thailand.

What the family did for Igor surprised him and it may have surprised anyone in the Kennel facility too.

Watch the video for more of the story

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Sharing? I aint no ‘effing sharer.

The Last Of The Millenniums


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