So I guilted myself into helping “HE” this afternoon because I was bitching so much about how the front yard is just too much of a mess even for us.  I would like to have the whole thing cemented in and just have the occasional planter pot here and there but……sigh, that costs money.  We checked out crushed granite for the parkway a couple of weeks ago but the is also beyond our “budget” and I use that term loosely so it falls to “HE” to mow and pull and to me to pick up after.  Check out those brilliant white old lady legs!  AND I’m the dark one of the family.  If my blotches and varicose veins would just meld together, I’d have a passable tan.  ~~dru~~

ps, I’m fat but not as fat as I look.  tee hee hee ~~dru~~