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Swish Boy

Their real names are eeMGee and KIA but their nicknames are what they go by and they are two litter mates from the last litter of last year.  They were born in July 2016 to a semi-feral mother but she had them under my bed.  Two out of the five died and of the three remaining, these two, have tamed down and become my “baby boys”.  They are tame enough for me to catch them and have them fixed and I’m working on getting vouchers towards the procedures for both of them.

Every morning each spends some time on my lap.  Usually Purr-Pot is first right as soon as I get up and visit the computer and he, as his nickname implies, purrs up a storm.  He’ll climb around on my lap and stands up on his hind legs to put his head on my shoulder and bite my ear but finally settles down and falls into a deep sleep.  At this point I can usually transform him to the chair right behind me where I’m sitting and he’ll finish his sleep.  When he wakes up, he’ll start the purring, kneading, needing, lap routine again but for food.  He is doing it right now but because now he is demanding his elevenses not his strokes he adds his scratchy gravely voiced meows and bites.  So soon I will have to get him and all the rest their mid-morning munchies even though it isn’t yet ten am.

Swish Boy’s morning routine is a little different.  He climbs back and forth on my lap, goes behind my back – often stepping right on Purr-Pot – to rub along my sitting backside and also climbs up to my shoulder.  He also bites but he bites everything; my hands if I’m not stroking enough or his head properly, my chin and/or check – just because and my ear too – for good measure.  Even when I put out the mid morning nosh, he pretends to not see it and runs between my legs until I physically take him to the dishes and stand there petting him until he begins his indulgences.

They are a pair and still close enough to sleep intertwined, most every night, on my chair by the computer.  They also walk and run together at times, with Swish Boy rubbing and pacing around Purr-Pot.  

Swish Boy is one of those swishy cats that can’t walk straight across the room but must zig-zag back and forth across the room to rub against every chair, table, and human, leg available in his path to continue his day and probably night time need for rubbing.

They are my babies and make my life more than tolerable.  So Thank You Boyz!  I’ll feed you in a minute.





My land is rare of chattering  folk;

the clouds are low along the ridges,

and sweet’s the air with curly smoke…

from all my burning bridges.

~Dorothy Parker


So Beautiful that it almost makes you cry. Thank you to Bob and his friends, ENJOY.