I’m back from the morning Boyz run of three hours and all the boyz, including the cat are just fine.  I took them marrow bones (cat ate a piece of meat from one) but I couldn’t get pictures cuz my tablet pooped out.  Poor “HE” will have to fix the problem again.  

I only found two “we love you Auntie dru surprises (though why I call them surprises when this is part of why I’m paid – you know what goes in, must come out.)  Anyway I couldn’t snap it cuz of the aforementioned tablet problem.  So LUCKY YOU!

Because I couldn’t get new pictures I’m rehashing one from yesterday.  

This is Dufus in their outside bed and remember he weighs close to 150 pounds, I could sleep in that bed myself.

Linus-04-17Now for the rest of my day…..post or posts to follow.