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Rain Drop, Rain Drop,

Stressing Over Life,

Is My Life Non-Stop!



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Prompt Excite & Karma

Karma may excite

Until you realize she

Has you in her sight





Did you ever have a feeling of dread but you just don’t know why?



The Last Of The Millenniums

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Thought Provoking. ~~dru~~


Not to overstate the obvious, but it would behoove those who serve the President to remember the famous title of the Watergate movie – “All the President’s Men.” While President Nixon was pardoned for any crimes that led to his resignation, over twenty of his colleagues went to jail.

Our current President has many challenges that continue to be problematic. His biggest character flaws are his large ego, thin skin and disdain for telling the truth. Yet, what makes these attributes even worse is he cannot remain silent when that would be the wiser course of action. As a result, he has unforced errors.

A month ago, the bookies in London had the odds at even money, this President would resign or be impeached before his first term ends. My guess is the odds are now better than 50/50 that he won’t make four years.

While the proof has yet…

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