Archives for the day of: June 17, 2017

The hardest part about going in to take an afternoon nap is…..

getting up out of the chair!



Where do all those clothes go?  The ones you just had on that pile over there?  The socks that were a pair when put in the wash and a single RSVP when they come out of the dryer?  That dress you only wore once and you know you hung up last week, right there at the place between those two others?


Well I know where they go.  I had a dream last night and it came to me like things do in a dream.

While we sleep the clothes trolls sneak in through our dreams and mine our bedrooms and laundry rooms for the exact jewel like pieces that will complete their ensembles.



I sat at a pool’s edge this evening, basked in the lovely setting sun, and swished my legs.  You know what that Vitamin D and all that exercise got me?

I was up til 3 am and my regular pee schedule is 2am, 4am, and 6am.

I missed my 1st stop and probably won’t wake up for my 2nd and 3rd!




Even the bugs are coming out to crawl because of the heat!