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Pablo the fat old cat just kept wanting food this morning.  He went through almost a whole small can of food as well as some bitties.  That punk cat Max came into eat but ran back out again but I left Pablo comfortably inside with his food.

The three dogs all had some bitties and some treats and went back out as good as lambs but the very back is a mess as they pulled apart a chew toy and made it snow on the very back patio.  I cleaned some up along with the poop but there is still quite a lot of white stuffing on the ground.

The fish seemed glad for their every three day feeding but then it is hard to tell what a fish is thinking.

Now there is just dinner tonight to get through.  Three more days of pet sitting and my life will go back to normal.  Saturday I water all the plants again


That punk kitten Max staid out all night on my cat sitting gig and wouldn’t come in this morning.  He ate a few bitties that I put out on top of the dog house and wondered around in the yard but he won’t come it.  He is not getting caught inside today and must have slept some last night cause he doesn’t want to come it to sleep.  It worries me and so I’m anxious  all day just because of a punk cat.  Maybe he’ll be ready to come in tonight.


I just got back from the morning run to my sister’s house.  I fed the cats, gave treats to the dogs and watered the 30 odd plants on the front porch because I couldn’t find the hose.  That’s a lot of glasses of water to carry out of the condo.  I left my phone at home so I couldn’t call about the hose but I’ve called now and next time I will use a different hose from before but be able to water all those plants much more easily.  The hose will make everything go faster next time.


Prompt: Strong & Heart

I fainted last night

and now I wonder if my

heart is not so strong



Today is the start of an eight day stint of dog and cat watching for my sister’s brood.  It is strenuous and complicated separate feeding areas and food but no meds to be administered this time.  Joy!  Because it is so hot, I’ll get to water as well as bring in the mail and don’t forget the giving of treats.  The three dogs weigh over 150 lbs and one cat is very old and decrepit while the other is just a punk kitten.  I sigh…..


Someone has been checking me out and my poor thinning hair.  I had several “We can get you thicker hair” ads in my email spam folder.  Guess they can see my bald spot.  So sad for a girl.  Even an old girl like me.  Note picture is not of me, I’m too shy.



That’s it, oh I’m full! 35 people to a full sit down dinner with desserts to die for, oh I’m full.  We left early with leftovers but I’m guessing the crowd is piecing through the kitchen.

O’ I’m full!


I didn’t make one thing for Thanksgiving.  I’m going to my sister’s house and all the good cooks in the family are vying with each other, so we are just bringing ourselves.  Sure makes for an easy Thanksgiving; just show up an eat.




We are having, even for So Cal, unseasonable hot weather.  Forecast for Thursday is over 90 degrees.  So much for my Thanksgiving sweater.  This hot weather is bringing out the fleas and my little menage is scratching their collective hides and pulling out their fur.

CatScratchingWhat fun!