Archives for the day of: November 5, 2017

I hate time change, it messes with my head and this time of year it gets dark so early.

It is my firm belief that it contributes to my depression and I blame Congress for freaking with my senses.  I think I’ll go to bed early tonight and see if I can adjust in one night.  Either that or I’ll go even crazier!


We just bought 5 1bs of raw coffee beans to roast.  “HE” is setting up the old roaster and we should have a cool afternoon of coffee smell in the air.

It is set up right outside the back door on an old shaky baker’s rack.  I’m in a panic because I think the old roaster will start a wire fire or it will sprinkle and short out the oven but “HE” thinks all will be well and we’ll have unique and flavorful  coffee.  “HE” wins and I’ll just worry.  We’ll see.