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My kind of recipe. ~~dru~~

Sounds Fabulous!

Momoe's Cupboard

Wonderful little bites of cream cheese pastry and sweet and tart filling. Perfect for the holidays and cookie exchange.  I was able to get 80 little mini tarts from the recipe.  Normally I make tassies but one of my grandchildren has a nut allergy.  I saw this wonderful cranberry jam filling here.   I knew this was perfect to make these little cookies. I could put my little tart baking trays back into service that I have had for decades.

The little tart cookies turned out wonderful.  They are pretty as well as good.

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Too good to pass by. I have a couch defiler too. ~~dru~~

bluebird of bitterness

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Your opinion has

its own legs,just

Be careful to give

The next person a

Chance to stand for

theirs,just as you are

Standing for yours

~Sheldon Kleeman


BlueBird Bob is always good for a laugh. ~~dru~~

Someone holds a grudge.

Guns and Chubbettes how did we go wrong?

bluebird of bitterness

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