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Prompt: Party & Enjoy

Party all night long.

I enjoy the dancing but

don’t enjoy morning


Prompt: Fate & Make


not predetermination

I make my own fate


Prompt: Pink & Shell

The Soft Brush Array

Adds Glowing Pink Shell Make Up

to the Sunburn’s Kiss


Prompt: Pink & Shell

Crab scurries across

silvery sandy low tide

encased in pink homePinkCrab3

Prompt: Amused & Irate

You silly wild cat

biting, scratching, clawing hand

We are not amused CatBitingHand


Prompt: Amused & Irate


Just because I laugh

Doesn’t mean I am amused

Irritated laugh!


Prompt: Ocean & Shore

I cast off from shore

and sail straight into my own

ocean of madness


Prompt: Ember & Flame

See dying embers

of our erstwhile full passion

but not the old flames

Prompt: Ember & Flame

Attracted by flame

not drawn to dying embers

The moth lives but once



Prompt: Ember &  Flame

Summer Flame has died

Embers of watermelon

Left in dark green bowl