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Did you know Mary Stoat went to the New World with the pregnant Mary Magdalena….oh yes there is far more to her story than I’ve yet told.



Me: Mary Mary where are you?

She: Right here of course!

Me: Mary Stoat, what should i do?

(whispering words of wisdom)

She said: LET IT BE!

Me:  I’m so tired and I’m so scared and I’m so angry and I have so failed,  I can’t think any more so because I’m weak, please tell me a tale, so I can sleep.

She:  You can still think and you can still sleep; you haven’t failed, you’ve are not weak nor have you lost your place, i think, it is just your wishes did not prevail, so stop your squawking you silly frail.There are others in this dream for which you owe at least a think and what seems right to you might not be what it seems.  Of course this is just silly dream.

She:  This is not the time for telling my Tale, but I have the wisdom to provide for your tale…. TAKE THE OLD MAN HOME. and let it be……. oldcat

The ermine is an animal of the weasel family prized for its tail of pure white fur with a black tip. According to legend the ermine would rather die than soil its pure white coat and it came to stand for purity. It features in many of Elizabeth’s portraits, where it also functions as a status symbol, as wearing ermine was restricted to royalty and high nobility.”   

Royal Museums of Greenwich 


Mary:  So you can see me now, my dear

 Me:  Yes Mary but I wasn’t aware that I called.

 Mary:  Your need is your call. ~~~~~~ Me:  What do I need?

 Mary:  Wisdom but we’ll save that for later unless you don’t want to hear more of my tale?

 Me:  Oh no I want the tale.


Stoat Mary

Stoat Mary


Well as I said the stone I protect is the Betrayer’s heart and I believe that while I protect it; I live.

The man from Keriot, following his master’s divination and pronouncement, did betray his master by a kiss to the agents of the Assembly of 71.  That part is true of the history because I was actually there and saw it.

 Judas had collected the silver but more as a sign to the Great Sanhedrin he was motivated by avarice, not political ambition.

 He had expected his master to rebel and overthrow the Assembly and establish a new even greater Sanhedrin with the Nazarene as the nasi and himself as the av bet din but after the Nazarene’s apparent acceptance of his condemnation and sentence; Judas tried to maneuver himself into a different position of power; as a sage with the current Assembly.  He failed to achieve both his goals which were power and fame not money.  He never achieved power but did become The Great Betrayer and after all the entire story needs a betrayal to work.

 After his master did not rise up and rebel against the judges, he then wished to become a member of the Great Sanhedrin and believed returning the money would show he had acted in the interest of the Assembly not from avarice or political manipulation.

 Unlike Ahithophel, he did not hang himself in that Field of Blood.  He was strung up by his feet from a tree in that field and left to die.  That is an act that cannot be accomplished by one man alone; an act of murder not self-destruction.


 I do not know the assinines of The Thief however I believe the killers were agents of the Sanhedrin.  Either acting for individual sages or possibly carrying out the covert judgment of the entire assembly but in any case I am sure the reason for his demise was political motivated and not personal despair.

 When I discover the body of Judas, I was out looking for kill.  The body had been hanging for some time and I would not have recognized it except for his clock.  It was putrid but we stouts often cache our kills and decomposition is not issue for me………..Ermine1

As I approached and climbed the body for my own dance of death; the rope broke, the body fell, and the man exploded.  I fell on top of the body and furiously looked about for the heart, my favorite organ meat but when I found the victus it had turned to stone.

I’m not sure why I took the stone but I did and that is a story for another night.

Me:  Well that is story enough indeed but you said I had a need?

 Mary:  Yes, get the old man some corn pads

He will never stop wearing his cowboy boots.  Remember he identifies himself as a Westerner now and he loves those boots.

 Me:  ~ O’ I see. ~

A good idea, I hope I remember

Mary:  You will my Indigo Child

                         The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith

The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Stoat Mary

Stoat Mary

Mary Stoat:  So you have come back my dear.

Me:  Yes because I thought you called me.

 Mary:  I did my Indigo Child, I will continue my tale.

      Me: Your Tail?

 Mary:  No my Tale.  See my beautiful white coat?  See how thick it is and how white?  See the longer hairs are tipped silver at the ends?  This coat is part of my Tale.  I wear it not because it is Winter but because I am more than 2000 years old, give or take a decade or two, and the coat is mine by right of age, power, and character. 

 I am still a vicious killer but only when needs must.  I have learned to view the whole not the parts and curb my intentions and basic urges when they do not promote my well being as a whole.  I have learned to curb my tail.

Me:  I see but really I don’t.

 Mary:  Well my dear you have the eye, the pillow you noted was really not the Shop Lady’s own or hers alone to know the worth.  It belongs to me and is mine alone to know the worth.  She hides it in plain sight so that I know it is secure but the stone is mine.  It is the dead heart of Ioudas, the Betrayer and you recognized it because you so oft feel betrayed.  I wanted you to spot it because your betrayals, while real, are small and puny compared to this divine betrayal, probably the most notorious in published history.  The Publicist  for that Nazerene was truly amazing!

 Me:  I really don’t understand most of this, what is an Indigo Child, why do you reference the bible?

Mary:  Perhaps someday you will understand, perhaps not.  You are blue my child and may never understand but since you are so dark blue you may.

Me:  Tell me more, I want to understand.

 Mary:  Not now my child I have only one other thing to say at present.  You are correct; the Old Man lacks empathy and is filled with false compassion but just as you believe, it is not his condition that causes him to behave this way….he was always like this, only now just more so.  So remember these words and tell “He”.

We do not have to get him his own AOL Account, just assign him one of the Son’s old ones, that will save us money!

 Mary:  Good night.

Me:  My head hurts.  blue-cat

With Stoat, no doubt.

With Stoat, no doubt.

   “I have dreamed of joy departed”

 Me:   These pillows are exquisite but they seem to be of rock, the  stitching painted on, not sown.  Would they cost more if they were stitched and sown or is the price determined by the stone?

Shop Lady:  How good your eye is my dear.  Yes they are costly and they are dear but not because they are pillow or they are stone, their worth is mine to know and mine alone. 

Me:   Well not my eye so much as my self knows, as I can barely See most Curiosities.  Is this pillow to be thrown or leaned upon?  Does it sit upon a Pedestal or upon a Throne?  Is it Art or is it Comfort? 

Do I repose my head or toss it on the seas?  Why would I pay for such a thing as theses?

Shop Lady:  Well thrown of course, who I ask would lean up on a rock?  Have you never heard of a pillow fight where cats let go?  A cat needs an advantage in a pillow fight with a stoat.

 Me:   I see I am among cats.

Shop Lady:   Of course my dear, where else would anyone want to be? 

However to be clear, we are not all of us cats here.

Me:   Well I know She is not a cat as she doesn’t have a tail.

She:   Of course I have a tale, everyone has a tale, one just must look for it sometimes and at other times one must listen to it.

She:   My tail is short but longer than the Least but my tale is long and with detail, a veritable story feast.  However, I need sustenance to tell my tale, so here I cease.

Me:   Oh good woman would you allow me to buy you a high tea? Do you know of an establishment that might also serve a small sherry or even a strong beer?

She:  Would gin do my dear?

 Barkeep:  Will you have some water in your gin?

Me:   No I take my gin, like my water, straight.

  So with bread, butter, jam and cress…gin, lager, and all the rest…


My name is Mary Stoat, she said, but you appear to be no one but me.

 Yes, I said, I am no one but me.  My name I keep inside until I need.

Then the following Saga did proceed.

The stoat is an opportunistic predator, which moves rapidly and mostly silently to hunt in every available burrow or crevice for its prey. Because of their larger size, male stoats are less successful than females in pursuing rodents into tunnels.

As with stoats and all else BEWARE the Female!

The stoat or short tailed weasel reputedly immobilizes prey such as: rabbits, cats, and divorcees; by mesmerizing them with a “dance” oft called the Weasel War Dance.  When tackling larger prey, the stoat bites the nape of the victim’s neck while grasping it with its forefeet, intertwines its body around the animal then scratches its lower body with its back feet. Contrary to popular belief, blood which flows from resulting wounds is not sucked up but lapped up.  The Stoat is a sensuous albeit vicious entity; a hunter both efficient and fascinating.

Beyond Compare Beware, Beware!

The stoat may “surplus kill” when the opportunity arises, though excess prey is usually cached and eaten later to avoid obesity.  For, as in their world as in our world too,

Overweight stoats tend to be at a disadvantage when pursuing prey.

The skins of stoats are prized by the fur trade, especially when in their in winter coat and their furs are used to trim robes, coats and stoles. Their winter coat is referred to as Ermine.

The Ermine Skin or Winter Stoat’s luxurious fur is often used by Catholic Monarchs, Pontiffs and Cardinals.  Ermine is still and perhaps will always be a sign that the status of the wearer is equal or greater than that of Nobility.

Stoats are not as accepting of this role as they are more apt to feel that the wearing of their own skin allows them to be the ruler of all they survey!

Folklore and Mythology

In some Mythologies stoats are viewed, like humans, as animals with families, which hold rituals for their dead. However, they are also portrayed as noxious animals prone to thieving, and their saliva was said to be able to poison a grown man. To encounter a stoat when setting out for a journey was considered bad luck, but one could avert this by greeting the stoat as a friend or neighbor.

“Hail Mary Well Met, Want to come over for a Bite after Work?”

“We’re having fish tacos”.

Stoats were also supposed to hold the souls of infants who died before some god accepted them.  Now who wouldn’t want a baby’s soul?

In the folklore of the Kome People of the Urals, stoats are symbolic of beautiful and coveted young women.  HaH, BEWARE BEWARE!

In the Zoroastrian Religion, the stoat is considered a sacred animal, as its white winter coat represented purity. Similarly, Mary Magdalene was depicted as wearing a white stoat pelt as a sign of her reformed character.

Diary of a Mad dru