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We are having, even for So Cal, unseasonable hot weather.  Forecast for Thursday is over 90 degrees.  So much for my Thanksgiving sweater.  This hot weather is bringing out the fleas and my little menage is scratching their collective hides and pulling out their fur.

CatScratchingWhat fun!

The plumber is gone and so is the clog we couldn’t reach with our own little snake.  Life is good and my wallet is only $113 lighter.  I had nightmares all night about replacing 80 year old pipes but that good old 50 foot electric snake did the trick.  Thank Heavens.




My 97 year old uncle Harold with a portrait he drew, of a women he was dating way back when.  The portrait was in pastels and is still vibrant today.  Sorry I can’t flip the emailed image.  ~~dru~~

Popping Corn the old fashion way, can be an Act Divine!


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I just spent an hour and 45 minutes waiting at my doctors office for the orders for blood work.  The orders were supposed to be on file but weren’t and the whole thing was supposed to take 25 minutes, which it didn’t.  My HMO is really inefficient but cheap.


My counselor said I should try deep breathing; 4 inhale, 4 hold, and 6 seconds exhale, then repeat.  I think chugging another beer should do the same trick.


why is it that when crows caw directly over your head, you feel they are talking specifically about you?


Just got back from checking on my sister’s animals.  Max, the cat that stayed out all night was back and both cats had their morning nosh.

The three dogs are doing ok but the one with the bad foot looks like his foot contraption is coming off.  He took his medication nicely in a wad of Velveeta cheese and the others downed their non medicinal treats in less than a sec.

Only seven more trips to go but the  next one will entail picking up doggie doo doo so I’m not looking forwards to it.      sigh the things I’ll do for money.


Every Saturday I water the orchids.  Why?  Because I do.  No why do you water orchids when you don’t like plants.  Because I water the damn plants that won’t die, every Saturday.  Because I do.