In Saner Thought

Very recently the media got what they had work so hard to create…..a Clinton victory in New York……and a new set of primaries will take place tomorrow….no matter who wins of loses….it will be about the math.

Now they, the media, can set about with the math and the speculation on what will Bernie do now that he is all but dead in the water.  The math?  Yep that mind numbing stuff about this delegate count and that…..the amount of votes and the combination of the two…..yada, yada…..even a math professor gets a migraine with this crap.

The MSM is saying there are two courses open to Sanders…..1–Bernie can continue his attacks and rhetoric against Clinton and risk disunity within the ranks of the Party and 2–he could start dialing it back and set his place for the general election.

For months the MSM has been letting the public know…

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