This is the title of a book from my Grandfather’s Mineral, Gem, Rock and Geology Collection that I am selling on eBay right now.  Most of these books I sold years ago but I just recently came across a small cache of them tucked away in the basement.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction if you are interested in Geology and or mining in the Southern California Region of the US.

TROUGHTS AND TREMBLORS – Rifting and Slipping

Hellhole Canyon was named by an early Borrego cowboy after deciding it was “one hell of a job to get wild cattle out of it.”  Picture him brooding up there in the boulder factory of Culp Valley, perched on the rim of Hellhole.  Perhaps he was sensing a larger truth about the entire Salton Trough, of which the Anza-Borrego region is the western edge.  Among other things, much of the contents of the Arizona’s Grand Canyon have been lost, eroded away, into this vast hole, structurally a part of the great and growing rift that is the Gulf of California.

Twenty thousand feet of these sediments mask the rumbling birth of new earth crust beneath the Salton Sea and Gulf Waters.  The great western barrier mountains of the Lagunas and San Ysidros are being lifted more than a mile into the sky as part of this rifting and earth birthing.  Anza-Borrego is, indeed, on the “edge of creation.”

Source: ISBN #: 0-932653-17-10

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